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MOST Ministries
Job Opportunity
POSITION: Team Administrator
SUPERVISOR: Executive Director
EMPLOYMENT:xx Salaried at 40 hours; full time, some evenings and weekends required; at will; exempt from FLSA overtime rules.
In service to Christ’s kingdom and in support of the mission of MOST Ministries:
1) Administrate Team Logistics and oversee Crisis Management.
2) Manage and oversee established operational relationships with missionaries and national church hosts in the field.
3) Recruit team members and oversee the team process.
4) Assist with the development and implementation of new team projects.

Field (10%)

  • Build and maintain relationships with hosts.
  • Assist hosts with project identification, cost projections, and team scheduling.
  • Serve as an intermediary for communication between teams and hosts.
  • Monitor and respond to host, team leader, and team member evaluations.
  • In consultation with the Executive Director, facilitate the development, implementation, and assessment of new team projects.
  • Explore and recommend to the Executive Director new mission field opportunities.

Teams (80%)

  • Assist Associate Director with the development of team schedules and team logistics.
  • Monitor the emergency phone, providing 24 hour coverage, in collaboration with all full-time employees when teams are on the field.
  • Pre, On, and Post-field monitoring of security, health, and safety concerns of teams, in consultation with the Executive Director and Associate Director, ensuring that appropriate responses are implemented.
  • Work with the Business Manager to set and monitor team costs.
  • Recruit team members and congregations for trips and lead other staff in recruiting initiatives.
  • Assist Associate Director with comprehensive team leader assignments and preparations, as well as team leader training and annual retreat.
  • Serve as team leader and team leader trainer as needed.
  • Assist with the development and implementation of team policies.
  • Provide additional ministry support as needed.

Training (10%)

  • Ensure that training materials are aligned with Scriptural principals and are designed to encourage growth in the Christian faith and discipleship.
  • In consultation with the Executive Director and Associate Director, identify and recruit new team leaders.
  • Mentor new Team Administrators, as assigned by the Executive Director.


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