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Individual Teams are made up of Christian individuals, couples, and families from all over the United States who are brought together to work with and serve pastors, missionaries, nationals and charitable agencies from around the world. Anyone can join these teams. No experience or professional skills are necessary. Individuals with a variety of gifts and interests are needed on each team with the link being a strong commitment to Christ and a servant's heart.

Building the Foundation
Prayer: God is the Beginning and the End, the Alpha and Omega, our Rock, our Strength, our Guide. God has already been, an will be with you every step of the way. It was He who planted the first seed of thought and the possibility for joining a team and He will be there with you through the planning and preparation, while you are on the field, and after you return home. He wants to provide you with His guidance, leadership and assurance, but you have to ask! Walk with Him, talk with Him, but always remember to listen!
Attitude: It is not enough to be excited, enthusiastic and / or committed. Those things are wonderful and necessary, but what is needed in addition is an attitude of learning and an attitude of servanthood. Learning includes not only the specifics of the country and what you are going to do, it must start at a deeper level: what is the Biblical perspective on missions, what are the dangers of missions (and I'm not talking about the physical dangers to you, but the potential dangers to the mission field by our limited knowledge and over-exuberant zeal. Attitude - Christ-like attitude; don't leave home without it!
Servanthood: We normally look at the word servant and think of a lower class position. Even if we think of ourselves as 'serving' on a mission team, thoughts tend to lean in the direction of serving God or serving those unbelievers in the field, but that is only the beginning. Each of us will be serving much more than that. We will become servants of each other, or our congregation, and of those that support us. Christ said, 'whoever wants to be great among you must become the least, and whoever wants to become first must be slave to all. For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve ...' Mark 10:43-45.
Family: Consider your family and friends. Talk to them. Will they support you? While it isn't essential to have their approval, it certainly makes things smoother.
Choosing a Team

Okay, you've decided to go on a short-term mission trip, but now, how do you decide where? Here are a few suggestions to help you make that determination. Things to consider - Do you feel drawn toward a particular part of the world? - Are you interested in a specific people group? - Is there a better time of year for you to be gone from work or family? - Does a one or two week trip fit better into your schedule? - Review our team schedule and prayerfully consider which team or teams God seems to be leading you toward. Contact a Team Administrator at MOST Ministries to discuss your interest and the availability of team openings. If your selection is determined to be a 'fit', a registration packet will be mailed to you.


Our Registration Packet will include: our Risk Statement, a Registration Form, Health Information Form, the Pastor Recommendation form with a stamped self-addressed envelope and the first of our training booklets. Complete these forms and return them to us along with a non-refundable registration fee. Once we receive your registration form, we will mail to you the remaining Team Training Booklets, a team t-shirt, luggage tags, a current team roster and a Country Fact Sheet. When the Pastor's Recommendation Form is returned to us the registration process is complete.

Team Training

Pre-field training is an extremely essential aspect of your trip. Short-term mission experiences are made or broken on many levels (from the team members to the missionaries or hosts that you work with, the nationals whom you serve, as well as with the administration and leadership from MOST Ministries) on the basis of appropriate and adequate pre-field training. How? The foundation for all of our pre-field training is our Team Training Series, which you will receive once you have registered. The materials include the following categories: Introduction, Logistics, Spiritual Preparations, Cross-Cultural Preparations, Personal Preparation, Re-Entry and Debriefing plus a Servanthood Bible Study. You will receive a Cultural mailing with language helps, detailed country information and prayer resources for any LCMS project and missionary you will serve. Spending time thoroughly going through your materials is mandatory. It is imperative to be prepared physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually!

Team Meetings

Geographical location and the make-up of the team (individuals, church group, first timers, repeater, youth or adults), as well as the mission project you are assigned or scheduled for, will determine the ability to hold pre-field team meetings. When this is at all possible, the MOST Ministries Team Leader will organize one or more team meetings, as appropriate. Meetings will include; meeting the other team members and your Team Leader, spending time in devotions, reviewing highlights of the Team Member Training Materials, planning specifics for your team project such as what you need to do personally to prepare as well as options or suggestions to involve your congregation, family, friends, and/or community. When meetings are not possible, this information will be disseminated through mailings and phone calls. On-the-Field Training - the amount of time scheduled for training while on the field will depend on the project you will be doing, as well as, if and how many team meetings were held pre-field.

On-the-Field Leadership

Every MOST Ministries team is led by a qualified and experienced Team Leader. This person will handle all of the logistics for the team, guide and supervise the mission project, lead devotions as well as daily team meetings for debriefing and the sharing of information. The Team Leader has the responsibility of being the decision maker for the entire team. Each team member must understand and respect the position, responsibilities and decisions of the Team Leader.

Back Home - Telling Your Story

One of the most important aspects of your mission trip is just beginning, and that is the 'Telling of Your Story' to family, friends, congregations, Prayer Partners, neighbors and those from work. Consider what led you to participate on a short-term mission... did you hear someone's story? Did you read someone's story in your bulletin or newspaper? Did someone give you information or encourage you? Well... now it is YOUR turn. Share your story with anyone who will listen. Encourage others to get involved in missions. Tell them how you saw God work in your life and in those you served. Show your pictures, tell your stories and spread the Good News of God's Word in the Nations!!!

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